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Facebook and Death

Reprinted (reblogged?) with permission from These Gentlemen, the group blog I used to write for, which is now largely at rest.  This was one of my personal favorites of my own work from my time writing there, so I’m republishing it here to connect my past blogging with my present.  Please visit the These Gentlemen archives […]

Idea for a Play: Generative Color Computer

(Every once in a while, I may post an idea for a play which I don’t think could be realized given current technology, or which is just a thought experiment.) Audience members have a board in front of them with six buttons on it, much like a game of Simon plus two.  The buttons are […]

Why Traffic Cameras Are Immoral

(Please note: this post is just a bit on the tongue-in-cheek side.  Thank you.) No one likes traffic cameras, of course, because they take everyone’s money.  City councils barely even pretend they are put out for safety reasons – they’re there to shore up leaky treasuries.  (UPDATE: Okay, sometimes they claim safety reasons – and then […]

What Makes Local Theatre Local?

There’s been growing interest in the theatre community, both at large and in DC, in local theatre and local playwrights.  As a native DC playwright myself, I stand to gain from the increasing attention.  But I do wonder just what “local” really means in these discussions, because the matter of “local”-ness in theatre is essentially […]

Rules to Live By: Everyone’s Smarter Than You Think

(I figure I’ll double up on posts now to get the ball rolling, ‘cuz I’m not gonna update it this weekend; but I probably won’t be so regular or frequent with the posts from here on.) A rule I try to live by: I always assume that everyone is at least half again as smart as […]