Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Writer’s Motivations: So Many Ideas, So Little Time

What’s that, muse in my head?  You have an idea for a play? What is it!  I’m excited to hear.  You always have such interesting ideas for plays and 3:49 A.M. on a Tuesday.  Wait, what was it?  It’s a… three-act twelve-character period-costume comedy-drama… in verse? Muse, you crazy! No one is gonna produce some […]

A Writer’s Motivations: Would I Be A Better Person Just Doing Charity?

I, like many writers, have a moral purpose behind my writing. This is not to say that I’m trying to write Moll Flanders or The Scarlet Letter or anything.  I don’t write to try to improve the Moral Condition of my audience and to teach them Lessons. But I do write with the aim of […]

This Is How Much Shakespeare Is Produced in DC

There’s often talk, in local theatre circles, of there being Too Much Shakespeare in DC.  “Not another Hamlet!” I was curious, and possibly bored and also possibly slightly insane, so I tallied up how much Shakespeare has actually been produced in DC. Methodology I looked at the last ten years of DC theatre, by season, from […]

Why I’m Glad Romney Is Going To Be the GOP Candidate

Bear with me. First let me be clear that I’m not a Romney fan — that’s not what my angle is here. My angle is on the two-party system we have now, and the deleterious effects it’s been having on this country. It’s very simple (I’ll go into more detail in a moment): with only […]

Why Doesn’t Theatre Advertise?

Or, more specifically, why doesn’t local theatre advertise on local TV and radio channels? As a group? Why can’t the local theatre community pool their resources to buy relatively cheap ads on local TV and radio – the kind that your local car dealer can afford?  Ads for the entire theatre community.  Ads that could change […]