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A Million Secret Secrets (A Short Story)

No one was sure if it came from the government, but it seemed doubtful.  The government could certainly come up with something so cruel, but never something so fanciful.  It did seem, however, that at least someone in the government had to be colluding in the game, or else there would had to have been some […]

A Transitional Decade

I was thinking about what my friend Sam over at Morpheme Addict said in this post.  It lead me to some not-totally-coherent thoughts, which maybe someone will be gracious enough to query in the comments? Anyways, Sam expresses a feeling of frustration and disconnect with the Facebook-and-blogging world which I think we’ve all known.  I […]

The Aspiring Artist’s Chicken-or-the-Egg

Which comes first: being a successful artist, or being a full-time artist? Every artist wants to be successful, presumably, whatever that means to them.  Most artists, presumably, would like to be able to practice their art full-time and still make a living, or at least to be able to devote as much time to it as they can, if […]

Enjoying Prometheus: It All Depends On Forgiveness

I’m’a attempt to make this shorter than my usual.  Just want to get a theory out there. I sawPrometheusrecently.  I thought it was okay.  Grade of C, by way of a mix of A- and D-.  I thought it was admirable for reaching for lofty ideas, was gorgeous to watch, but overreached some in its themes, […]

I Have Judged You For Not Liking Those Characters

As I mentioned, I saw Bachelorette last week at Studio Theatre, and really responded to it. On the way out, I overheard someone in the audience complaining that they didn’t like the play because the characters were vulgar, disgusting beasts.  Their sentiment was similar to this commenter’s on the DC Theatre Scene review. My reaction to their reactions: […]

What I Want

I want to be a part of the culture of ideas, the international idea stock exchange, the global human collaboration on sorting out life the universe and everything, the fraternity/sorority/whateverity of thinkers and philosophers and artists and social engineers and futurists, who are forever constructing a quilt of interlocking dialogues and discoveries and disagreements, who write plays […]

The Seven (not so) Deadly Sins According to the Internet Age

Yesterday, I posted my stab at the Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet Age.  I was pretty serious about it in my usual Important Stuff way.  Today, SATIRE! The Seven (not so) Deadly Sins According to the Internet Age (NOTE: these sin apply both on and off the internet): 1) Getting Trolled No, no, no, […]