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31 Plays in 31 Days

I have signed up to participate in the 31Plays31Days project.  Go to the website for more infos, but basically it’s what it sounds like: write a play every day for the month of August. I’ve decided I’m posting my plays here, on the blog, each day.  The project itself has an internal submission system, and has […]

Capital Fringe 2012 Postmortem

Thanks everyone who came, read, discussed, and passed around my Subjective Fringe Guide and Fringe Review Roundup. The Review Roundup should be effectively complete, so feel free to use it as a reference FOR ALL TIME.  I also updated it with the winners of the Theatermania Audience and Director’s Awards.  If you pick up on any […]

Theatre Companies I Want to Form: 3 of 3

Click here for the beginning of this series, and here for part two. 3) DC Playwrights Theatre Look, I love the Inkwell and all, but they’re a national play-development organization (with a DC focus).  And while First Draft is great, and locally-focused, they too are a development organization primarily.  Both aim for full productions and have achieved […]

Theatre Companies I Want to Form: 2 of 3

Click here for the beginning of this series. 2) Tiny Gems Theatre Another event that happens in the theatre community at large is the ten-minute play festival.  It happens a lot more than the 24-hour plays does – Source Festival in DC does three separate groupings of ten-minutes each year – but once again this is […]

Theatre Companies I Want to Form: 1 of 3

I have a few ideas for theatre companies that I’ve been brewing for… well, several years, probably.  I’ve mostly kept them a secret because… I don’t know why.  Maybe I’ve thought someone would steal the idea?  Maybe I wanted to wait until I knew I could form up the companies before tossing out the ideas, […]

Capital Fringe 2012 Review Roundup

Last update: Monday lunchtime 7/30 Hello, and welcome to the Capital Fringe 2012 review roundup. This is a very simple, though exhaustive, project based on the principle of “I’ve wished something like this existed, so I guess I’ll do it myself.” This page is a link farm, doing nothing more or less than collecting direct links […]

Get Your Niche Out of My Yard

The social landscape we live in nowadays is a Sierpinski carpet of niches. Down at the Capital Fringe Festival, I have heard, this year and in years past, plenty of people scoff at the theatrical proclivities of others.  The local theatre world is a veritable cold warzone of resentments and superiorities.  The laid-back get-drunk-and-see-a-show folks laugh at the folks […]