Disease Elimination Equilibrium Point

(from the file of random ideas jotted down on my computer over the years- because the huge storm in the DC area over the weekend prevented me from writing much of anything new)

What is the Disease Elimination Equilibrium (D.E.E.) point?

A theoretical point at which trying to eliminate further disease only leads to greater morbidity and morality, either through super-resistant strains, unintended genetic consequences, effects on the biosphere and food chain, overpopulation burdens, etc.  It is the low point on a graph with the X axis charting elimination and treatment of disease through medicine etc. and the Y axis charting morbidity and mortality from disease and related consequences; either more or less Medicine equals greater morbidity and mortality for humanity as a whole.  The D.E.E. point is when medicine’s aim would be “staying put” as opposed to “progressing.”  It is the theoretical limiting factor on our ability to save and improve lives through medicine, and a rejoinder to the Star Trek-y concept that we could one day have a nearly disease-free society.  As much as we like to think it unacceptable to accept people dying when we can “do more” (hence the numerous colored ribbon campaigns), the world may only let us “do” so much.

Graph illustrating DEE Point


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