Capital Fringe 2012 Postmortem

Thanks everyone who came, read, discussed, and passed around my Subjective Fringe Guide and Fringe Review Roundup.

The Review Roundup should be effectively complete, so feel free to use it as a reference FOR ALL TIME.  I also updated it with the winners of the Theatermania Audience and Director’s Awards.  If you pick up on any reviews I missed – including even the briefest mentions or responses by random individuals on their personal blogs – let me know.  As long as it’s a review (as in, responding to the show itself after having seen it – not a preview or interview), it gets linked.

The most-reviewed shows were Beertown and The Brontes, which is no surprise given that Beertown is an established return show, and that everyone loves Dizzy Miss Lizzie.  BFF got a lot of response too, followed by two dozen other shows that all received 5+ reviews.

Some potentially interesting statistics (mostly for me, I suppose) on link-clicking in the Guide and Roundup:

A total of 900 people, as of Monday morning July 30th, have visited the Guide, and 450 have visited the Roundup.  (Or, rather, there have been that many views, including anyone who came back multiple times.)

All told, those visitors clicked on ~1500 links: 750 to the capfringe show ticketing pages, and 750 to reviews.

The most clicked-through ticketing link was for Imagination Meltdown Adventure, with a whopping 23 clicks.  ::fanfare::  It was closely followed by (in descending order of number of clicks) the links to the show pages for Girls Who Think They’re Hot, Me and the Devil Blues, Beertown, Planet Egg, and Apocalypse Picnic.

The DC Metro Theater Arts review of Me and the Devil Blues got waaay clicks more than any other single review link – actually the most link clicks of any link on my blog ever (26).  It’s followed, technically, by’s first week round-up, which covered eight shows.  The other review link-clicks capped out at 9 max, most between 0 and 4.

The reviewing sites themselves got click-throughs in complete proportion to how many total reviews they had posted: the most for DC Metro Theater Arts (which reviewed everything, as stated) followed by DC Theatre Scene (which also did everything, so probably only got fewer clicks because DMTA came first alphabetically and/or finished reviewing everything first), less for MD Theatre Guide and dcist.  In other words, visitors didn’t discriminate based on which site was reviewing, not even in favor of the Post.

I have no idea how much any of this actually led to show-making decisions except for a couple people who told me directly.

Lastly, here’s a list of what I myself saw (besides Cabaret XXX, which I stage managed):

1) Hysterical Blindness
2) The Brontes reviewed for Fringe & Purge
3) Tent of Dreams: An Occuplay
4) iConfess
5) The Every Fringe Show… Fringe Show reviewed for Fringe & Purge
6) The Post-Reality Show: Talk Media! reviewed for Fringe & Purge
7) Planet Egg reviewed for Fringe & Purge
8) Children of the Mist reviewed for Fringe & Purge
9) Shock/Trauma
10) Redial reviewed for Fringe & Purge
11) Me and the Devil Blues
12) 3rd Annual Fool for All (featuring a real live wedding!)
13) My Princess Bride
14) Imagination Meltdown Adventure
15) Beertown
16) Mitzi’s Abortion
17) Despertar
18) BFF
19) Bareback Ink
[meanwhile, I saw a non-Fringe show: Come Out and Say It, up in Baltimore]
20) Gorgeous Raptors
21) We Tiresias
22) Cecily & Gwendolyn’s…

Some shows that I originally had on my schedule but missed, either because I ran late, had to work, or was asleep: The Pundit, Wild Night: Choose Your Own Adventure Burlesque, R.U.X., Daydreams, Colony, Superhero Celebrity Rehab, Medieval Story Time, President Harding is a Rock Star, Jilly Manilly, Stopgap, The Webcam Play, The Play About the Coach.  There are plenty more that I couldn’t see at all because I never had room in my schedule in the first place.  SO MUCH FRINGE.

My top 5, unranked (but really, almost everything was excellent):
Imagination Meltdown Adventure
Mitzi’s Abortion
Planet Egg

Fringe Fringe Fringe.  Done and over with, and now we can all get good night’s rests, until next year.

And that, as they say, is that.


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