31 Plays in 31 Days

I have signed up to participate in the 31Plays31Days project.  Go to the website for more infos, but basically it’s what it sounds like: write a play every day for the month of August.

I’ve decided I’m posting my plays here, on the blog, each day.  The project itself has an internal submission system, and has an option for public display, but I figure I like to have them here, as well, if possibly for no other reason than that I don’t have to write any other posts for August since there will be one every day.

So, for the next month, if you don’t want a new, hastily-written, possibly strange or awkward play in your feed every day, hide any subscription thing you might have to my blog until September 1, when your regularly scheduled babelwroughting (babelwriting?) will resume.

(And by hastily-written, I mean it: I have lots of full-length projects to work on this month, so I’m not devoting a ton of time to the 31 plays.  They are supposed to be, in my mind, fun little experiments: a quick idea, a few pages, no looking back.)

Anyone out there who wants to join the project, there’s still time to sign up.  Hey, no harm done if you only keep up for a week and then quit.  That’s still seven plays you wouldn’t have written otherwise.

I hope that any of you who keep coming by enjoy the randomness to come.


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    My goodness.

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