Monthly Archives: September 2012

Indexing Saves the Future!

How glorious it will be! When the computing power and programming skill allows the Internet, retroactively and in its totality, to be tagged! Every website, file, app, game, video and subpage made taggable by aggressive coding.  Any Internet user, big or small, able to attach any word or hashtag or category to anything online – anything, anytime.  Does the […]

Why Isn’t This Election A Four-Way Race?

Why isn’t this a four-way race for President? That’s a rhetorical question, largely.  We all know the answer(s).  This is a two-party race because we are in a two-party system.  You can get into the science of why we are in a two-party system if you like, but, culturally, we remain in a two-party system because we operate under […]

Theatre Isn’t Important

Theatremakers often defend theatre as important, in an effort to fight the tide of people calling the art form irrelevant as audiences age and dwindle.  Despite saying it over and over, however, the fact remains that it theatre is of almost zero value and interest to the majority of the country. I think calling it “important” is […]

The Scale of Realism in Dialogue

I have a theory: that you can chart the level of realism in scripted dialogue on a simple scale. None of this is implied to be judgmental: any level of dialogue realism has its uses, and dialogue at every level has been employed in great writing.  The level of realism a writer chooses for their dialogue is just […]

“If You Allow Gay Marriage, Incest Will Be Next!”

Too often, I have seen people make this kind of argument against gay marriage: “Next thing you know they’ll be legalizing incest.” or “You want gay people to be married?  What’s next, people marrying their dogs?” I just this morning read another example.  (If you don’t want to read it, it argues that the overturning of anti-sodomy […]