Allegory of the Condition of the World as a Cloud-Ringed Mountain

The people of the world reside on a mountain which rises to a great height and which is ringed by dirty thunderclouds.  The clouds pour all manner of filth, degradation and hopelessness on the masses below; they are rained on with oppressions and prejudices that soak them from head to feet, resulting in stunted emotions, stunted health and stunted mobility.  However, the sharp peak of the mountain rises above the clouds into the clear air; on its crown are perched elegant cabins and moorings for zeppelins, housing some millions of people who enjoy every pleasure and freedom human nature has to offer: access to the most uplifting arts, the most nourishing foods, the most stupefyingly numerous paths of choice.  Some enterprising or lucky denizens of the muddy lower slopes may eventually clamber up to the peak above the clouds, and some careless or unlucky people from above may occasionally tumble below (sometimes causing a landslide which carries thousands others down to the hellish bottom), but by and large the overall situation never changes. Some good-hearted and charismatic individuals on the top even try to toss down ropes to those below, and some similar individuals down below try to rally their fellow storm-dwellers into concerted attempts to raise each other up, but even these efforts are doomed to leave the landscape itself essentially unaltered.  It has been this way as long as history has been written, and will continue to be this way.  Things will only change when the clouds themselves are moved.



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