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Quantum Story Computer Human Brain

Friday is sometimes unstructured “like what if, man? what if ?” quasi-stoned post day here at the babelwright blog! Just a random reaction to this article about the future of quantum computing.  The article asserts that someday soon, quantum computing may allow for a computer more powerful than the universe.  (Read the article for an explanation of that.)  Such […]

Should Political Art Be Entertaining?

This will be rambly: So tonight are the first of two performances of the Election Day Plays 2012 that I’ve been organizing, and I’ve been thinking a little about the nature of political art, particularly political theatre. I think when most people hear “political theatre” they think “OH GOD NO.”  They presume what they see will be […]

Folksinger Beaches and Pop Star Piers

Imagine, if you will, the arts as a body of water. We all like swimming in the water.  An ocean is powerful, complex, soothing, fun, all at once or separately.  A lake is serene, nostalgic, mysterious, refreshing.  A river is thrilling, utilitarian, healing, dangerous.  The arts function in as many contradictory or complimentary ways as […]

Come See Election Day Plays!

Hey, whaddaya know, I can use my blog for self-promotion! Except it isn’t just self-promotion.  Six local writers (myself,  Amanda Andrei, Juliana Avery, Zachary Fernebok, Malcom Pelles and Jenny Splitter) are premiering new plays at two events in October: ELECTION DAY PLAYS 2012 Fresh Plays For People Left Out of the Two Party Race The young, the […]

Vote By Your State: The Ideal Election

I use the word “ideal” advisedly.  By “ideal” I do not mean the election that chooses my preferred candidate; I mean the election that leads to the most voter satisfaction for you, no matter what your political leanings are,and the most expanded future for the nation.  I’ll explain. As I’ve said, I think it’s a […]