Quantum Story Computer Human Brain

Friday is sometimes unstructured “like what if, man? what if ?” quasi-stoned post day here at the babelwright blog!

Just a random reaction to this article about the future of quantum computing.  The article asserts that someday soon, quantum computing may allow for a computer more powerful than the universe.  (Read the article for an explanation of that.)  Such a computer would function by “harnessing the refractive echoes of many trillions of parallel universes to perform a computation.”

What if our brains are quantum computers?

Maybe the “soul” or “consciousness” are really our subjective experience, in this universe, of tapping into multiple other universes.

Maybe when we experience stories, or have dreams, or imagine things, we are tapping into another universe in which those things actually happened, in a sense directly connecting to the ‘computer’ of that universe in order to resolve or consider some notion in this one.

Maybe stuff happens!


Have a good Friday!



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  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Well, this is something.

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