Monthly Archives: November 2012

What I’m Working On (December 2012)

I haven’t posted a lot recently.  I’ve rethought the notion of posting regularly; I don’t think it’s something I “have” to do.  I don’t primarily think of myself as a blogger; blogging is an outlet for an idea or essay when I have one, and a way of opening up my headspace to the world […]

The Terror Gap (for Beginning Artists)

It’s a gap that causes terror, not a gap made of terror, nor one related to terrorism. “The Terror Gap” is the term I recently thought of that, for me at least, captures a particular feeling I get as a writer.  Often, when I think about a piece I’m working on – or even one […]

Dirt by Bryony Lavery at Studio Theatre

I saw the world premiere production of Dirt by Bryony Lavery at Studio Theatre last night, and this is my hastily-written overnight reaction to it. Dirt is a play so loaded with metaphors, tangents and ideas that it goes past ‘pretentious and overstuffed’ and comes full circle back around to ‘interesting and entertaining.’  It is a play with a […]