What I’m Working On (December 2012)

I haven’t posted a lot recently.  I’ve rethought the notion of posting regularly; I don’t think it’s something I “have” to do.  I don’t primarily think of myself as a blogger; blogging is an outlet for an idea or essay when I have one, and a way of opening up my headspace to the world a bit, to be open as an aspiring artist and writer and commenter.

To that end, here’s something I may continue to do, if it feels right: an update on what I’m working on.  I’ve hesitated to do this before largely because I figured it should wait until I someday have my own website, if I ever get around to it – but hey, I haven’t gotten around to it yet, so here it is for now.


Projects listed here as ‘inactive’ are ones I still intend to finish someday sooner or later – probably later – but are not at the other end of my keyboard as frequently as the ‘active’ ones.  I think about them a lot, but don’t work on them directly, in other words.  I have plenty more projects and drafts not listed here that are ‘beyond inactive’ – abandoned or dormant.


A satirical musical about killer bugs trapping a group of strangers in a convenience store.  Inspired by those “people get trapped in a place by a menace and prove to be as much a danger to each other as the menace is” movies, like everything from The Mist and Dawn of the Dead (the remake) to The Poseidon AdventureThe Thing and countless others.  Except they sing about it.
STATUS: Active – working on the second draft in preparation for collaborating on the music composition

A melancholy comedy, about a small nation whose people are defeated in a war and get exiled, en masse, to a swamp, and whose monarch conjures a plan to repopulate and avenge themselves on their conquerors.  In blank verse.  With twelve major characters.  And three acts.  And stage magic, romance, combat, and spies.
STATUS: Semi-active – trying to finish the first act, so I can have a reading of Act I and figure out if it’s working

A woman’s subconscious begins posting to her Facebook.  There’s nothing she can do to stop it.  It starts to ruin… everything.  A dramatic comedy with dream sequences.
STATUS: Stalled – about a quarter of the way in

A lonely man and his dog discover a strange underground cave system populated with giant, talking animals… or at least animals with varying degrees of speech ability.  They lose each other and have adventures and confront their demons.  A family-friendly Alice-in-Wonderland-type play intended for a puppet/clown-heavy production.
STATUS: Semi-active – trying to figure out a plot tangle in the middle; about halfway done

Five astronauts in a space capsule escaping back to Earth after their historic international mission was destroyed, it seems, in a disastrous first contact with aliens.  A philosophical thriller in many short scenes which calls for the theatrical simulation of zero-gravity.
STATUS: Inactive – waiting for more time to return to it and start a new second draft

A weird play based on a dream I had about a quartet of friends trying to join the secret revolution against an oppressive, panopticon-like society wherein, among other curiosities, people travel by bouncing around in some sort of magical bouncy subway system.  The first draft was written in a day for 31 Plays in 31 Days right here, and as such is very messy.
STATUS: Inactive – mulling it over in my head to figure out where to go with the raw material, if anywhere

Three thematically connected plays about people in, on or under the water, trying to reconcile themselves to the facts of life and death with as much humor as they can muster.  Was performed at Capital Fringe in 2010.
STATUS: Inactive – mulling it over in my head on how to rewrite the last play of the triptych; I have the method in mind for how to rewrite the second, but haven’t gotten to it yet

A couple short plays are waiting revision or writing, including one for the DC Queer Theatre Festival I hope to have done and submit in a week or two.
STATUS: Semi-active


A science fiction novelette narrated by two friends in tandem.  They apply for a program that has been set up by the first aliens to ever contact the Earth.  The program is looking for colonists to form a second home for humans elsewhere in the galaxy, in order to protect the human race from potential disaster (like a meteor strike or something cataclysmic like that) and to help spread human culture.  The narrators are doubtful of anyone who thinks the aliens have ulterior motives, and they’re right.
STATUS: Complete – trying to submit and get published, worried about a plot point that some consider clichéd but which is not supposed to be a cliché when taken in context

A fantasy novel, ostensibly Young Adult, about two angels who show up at a high school in Pennsylvania and start going to classes.  With comedic overtones and tragic undertones.   A novel I started writing for NaNoWriMo a few years ago and keep meaning to finish.
STATUS: Semi-active –  I know where it’s going to go, I just need the time to sit down with it


A short film about a woman who starts off her day feeling good about her diet and ends up devolving into a binge after the stress piles up.  No dialogue (until the very end).
STATUS: Complete, but inactive – eventually I aim to figure out how to get someone to shoot it with/for me

A woman in a post-apocalyptic world (it seems most people are dead, but there’s no sign of war or destruction) tries to convince a small band of survivors, who have turned an innocuous apartment into a perfect fortress for thriving in, to let her join them, while being pursued herself by a creepy stalker who wants her to join his weird survival community.  No dialogue is spoken; all speech and thoughts appear as titles on the screen, adding to the dreamlike mood.
STATUS: Inactive – on the backburner to projects which I have a chance of seeing produced (plays, fiction), but completely outlined


A nascent idea of establishing a webcomic website that deals in unconnected, serialized stories – more of an anthology than anything, possibly eventually publishing comics by writers other than myself.  The “Pulp Future” house style would be sci-fi stories that trade in pulpy, fun tropes (crime, detective, horror, space opera) as a roundabout way of examining real human issues in the face of technological and social sea change.  “Hungry Heart,” the first story, is about a divorced, overweight detective looking into a murder at a Competitive Eating superplex, in a near future when the sport has exploded in popularity, and a new and unlikely technology is potentially changing the way the game is played…
STATUS: Stalled – due to the fact that I can’t draw or do web design and I couldn’t find a collaborator, but “Hungry Heart” is about one-third of the way scripted

Dinner Tomorrow Night

STATUS: Will be delicious



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