Is There Nothing We Can Do

Read this story because it’s what I’m responding to.

Is there nothing we can do?


The liberals are in power, and it’s no different than if the conservatives were in power.  This doesn’t even count as pretending to care about the good of the people, justice, or the rule of law.  This doesn’t even count as pretending that the political and justice systems are anything but in the service of the rich.

Can voting differently do anything?  Of course.  But no one will do it.   They believe in their one of the two parties, and they believe in their differences.

Can activism do anything?  The very few legal avenues to protesting such injustices as this are easily ignored.

Not even grassroots activism?  Didn’t that work for the gay rights movement in this recent election, and so forth?  Well, see, grassroots activism to try to affect social issues and stuff like that is workable.  Grassroots activism to try and root the corruption out of government is impossible.  It doesn’t really hurt the folks in power to let gay people marry; some of them might have a personal grudge, but as long as they can get away with shit like this, you can protest and change social issues all you want.

I suppose we can all talk about it on the Internet.  Except… we can’t.  You can’t talk about stuff like that at any length without being immediately seen as a crank.  Everyone’s so totally over and done with the little I Am So Outraged links that pop up in their Facebook feed.  There’s no less functional way to change people’s minds then Internet chatter.  If you read that article at all, you probably said, “Yeah, well, what do you expect?” and will do nothing differently, ever.

It’s not like the media is going to drum up Legitimized Outrage (c) on this.  It’s not like the media will even cover it.

So what can we do about this?

Well, I guess I should just be happy that I’m one of the safe middle-class white people who can have the luxury of ignoring this kind of shit.  My life goes on pretty much the same regardless of whether multi-billionaires are allowed to participate actively in terrorism and drug trafficking.  No one I know was killed in the Drug War.  No one I know was killed by terrorists.  The money in the bank I live on is pretty much stable.  No worries here.  My life goes on anyways.

Doesn’t yours?



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  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Where are you going with what this article’s about?

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    So you did complain liberals, which makes this article of yours similar to the article about people refusing to be challenged.

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