Monthly Archives: February 2013

Making Less Art Leads to More Art

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about focus in artmaking.  More and more, it seems to me that in order to make great art – of whatever kind – you have to achieve a balance in side projects and distractions. A lot of the great achievers I read about – artists, scientists, whoever – seem […]

babelwright Year One Retrospective

WordPress helpfully reminded me that my blog turned one year old on February 16, so for easy-clickin’ purposes here’s a little roundup of the stuff I wrote and the people who came by.  Thanks for reading. NUMBERS I wrote almost a hundred posts within that year – 99, to be exact. The blog got 6,404 […]

Check Your Facebook Bubble Bias

I’m sure you, too, have read plenty of blog posts and newspaper articles concerning the trends and traits of Our Generation (Millenials, aged teen to thirtysomething, and possibly older and younger folks too).  A.k.a. The Facebook Generation, The Smartphones-At-Dinner Generation, The Irony Generation, The No-Dating-Just-Hookups Generation. I just want to say one thing: these stereotypes […]

“Do We Really Need Another TV Show About Rich White People?”

I read that criticism as part of a longer comment dismissing HBO’s Girls the other day, and it’s one that I’m sure we’ve all seen a number of places, both specifically concerning shows about ‘privileged white people’ and more generally about any group that the commenter feels is excessively produced. Other examples: “Do we really need another […]