babelwright Year One Retrospective

WordPress helpfully reminded me that my blog turned one year old on February 16, so for easy-clickin’ purposes here’s a little roundup of the stuff I wrote and the people who came by.  Thanks for reading.


I wrote almost a hundred posts within that year – 99, to be exact.

The blog got 6,404 views.  Comments: 146.

People from 74 countries (whether spammers or no) visited the blog.  5500 from the U.S. , 170 from the U.K., 100 from South Korea and Canada each, 70 from India and Australia each.  One from Anguilla, which apparently exists.

Most popular posts:

1) A Subjective Guide to Capital Fringe 2012 (with nearly one thousand views, more than twice as many as any other post)
2) Capital Fringe 2012 Review Roundup
3) This Is How Much Shakespeare Is Produced in DC
4) Why I’m Glad Romney Is Going To Be The GOP Candidate
5) “If You Allow Gay Marriage, Incest Will Be Next!”
6) The Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet Age
7) There is Too Much Theatre in D.C.
8) What I Want
9) Why Is There No Entry-Level Artist Job?
10) The Blogger’s Chicken-or-the-Egg


I have learned that most people perceive my blog posts as Long and don’t read them because of that (at least not right away).  I’ve been trying to write shorter.

I have learned that my lack of focus – I don’t stick consistently to writing about theatre, politics, futurism, the writing life, or anything else – makes it hard to brand and expand my reader base.  I decided that, you know what, I don’t care about expanding a reader base, I just want a place to put my ideas out into the world; so I stopped posting regularly.  I now post only when I think of something.

I think The Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet Age could have been a Big Deal, thanks to Reddit driving some traffic – could have been, if it was shorter, punchier, more trenchant, more conducive to meme-ifying.  My attempted foll0w-up was forced and kind of dumb, which didn’t help.  C’est la vie.

Two posts have consistently kept drawing readers through random Google searches.
The first is “If You Allow Gay Marriage, Incest Will Be Next!”, which in addition to people actually searching for stuff like “will legalizing gay marriage equal a slippery slope?” gets tons of people searching for gay incest porn – I wonder whether they end up reading it, or whether they turn away, disappointed at the lack of naked people.  That post has also, predictably, drawn the most consistent stream of comments.
The other is “Cherry Pie Wrapped in Barb Wire” – Understanding Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which gets people searching for “twin peaks fire walk with me theories” and the like.  I’m happy about that, since I essentially wrote that post for fun, for my birthday last year, although no one has commented so I’m skeptical that it’s actually helped or appealed to anyone who ended up here.


Posts About Politics

Why I’m Glad Romney Is Going To Be the GOP Candidate
“If You Allow Gay Marriage, Incest Will Be Next!”
Why Isn’t This Election A Four-Way Race?
Vote By Your State: The Ideal Election
Why Traffic Cameras Are Immoral
Is There Nothing We Can Do

Posts About Society and The Internet

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet Age
When You Text During Sex
The Black Cat and the Facebook Event Formula
The Seven (not so) Deadly Sins According to the Internet Age
Facebook and Death
A Transitional Decade
Once the Smartphones Have Freed the Music
Disease Elimination Equilibrium Point

Posts About Like,  Heavy Philosophical Stuff, Man

Some Words About Human Memory
On Beauty
Allegory of the Condition of the World as a Cloud-Ringed Mountain
Rules to Live By: Everyone’s Smarter Than You Think
Quantum Story Computer Human Brain

Posts About the DC Theatre Community and Capital Fringe

A Subjective Guide to Capital Fringe 2012
Capital Fringe 2012 Review Roundup
This Is How Much Shakespeare Is Produced in DC
There is Too Much Theatre in D.C.
Capital Fringe 2012 Postmortem
Follow up to “There is Too Much Theatre in D.C.”

Posts About New Directions for Theatre

Theatre Companies I Want to Form: 3 of 3
What if Playwrights Directed Their Own Development?
Theatre Companies I Want to Form: 1 of 3
What About Food Truck Theatre?
Why Doesn’t Theatre Advertise?
Sister Cities, Sister Theatre Scenes
Theatre Companies I Want to Form: 2 of 3
What About 10-Minute Play Parties (and More)?
Idea for a Play: Generative Color Computer
Why Don’t Regional Theatres Do Open Runs?

Other Posts About Theatre and the Arts

Theatre Isn’t Important
Get Your Niche Out of My Yard
Why Is There No Entry-Level Artist Job?
No, You Don’t Actually Like Being “Challenged”
A Horror Movie That Would Scare Me
Rejectionism vs. Acceptionism in Play Submission Reading
Folksinger Beaches and Pop Star Piers
What Makes Local Theatre Local?
Should Political Art Be Entertaining?

Posts About or Inspired by Specific Productions

“Cherry Pie Wrapped in Barb Wire” – Understanding Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
August: Osage County and Specificity in Acting
by Bryony Lavery at Studio Theatre
I Have Judged You For Not Liking Those Characters (about Bachelorette at Studio Theatre)
“Do We Really Need Another TV Show About Rich White People?” (mainly about Girls)
Enjoying Prometheus: It All Depends On Forgiveness
Black Watch and the Power of Music

Posts About Being a Writer

The Blogger’s Chicken-or-the-Egg
The Scale of Realism in Dialogue
Writers: You Are the Theme
The Aspiring Artist’s Chicken-or-the-Egg
On Artistic Jealousy
A Writer’s Motivations: So Many Ideas, So Little Time
A Writer’s Motivations: Would I Be A Better Person Just Doing Charity?
The Terror Gap (for Beginning Artists)
A Writer’s Motivations: Preconceptions of Revisability

Posted Fiction and Plays I Wrote, or Posts About My Writing Career

What I Want
31 Plays in 31 Days: What I Learned, and a Table of Contents (including links to the 31 plays I posted to this blog in August 2012, which I will not be re-posting here)
Come See Election Day Plays!
What I’m Working On (December 2012)



  1. Happy (belated) blogaversary! That’s a pretty impressive list of things & stuff. I get a fair number of people finding my blog by searching for “Opeth” because of one random post I did about the gloomy weather looking like a Swedish death metal album cover, which always makes me chuckle. So, hey, Google Analytics is good for a laugh now & then if nothing else. ;)

    1. Thank you!
      That reminds me I haven’t updated the blogroll since… the beginning. Added :)

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