Game of Thrones S3: Adaptation Predictions


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the books.

I’ll be discussing my predictions for what the show will adapt, and how, in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and the seasons beyond.  So I’ll be specifically referencing events all the way through A Dance of Dragons, because I know the showrunners have read that far and are certainly basing decisions on what to adapt now on what they know is coming later.

So read on if you want to indulge in the guessing game, a few mere days before the season actually opens.

To Start: The Cutting Point

A Storm of Swords is split between Seasons 3 and 4, so the first question we have to answer is: where will they cut it?

It’s all but acknowledged that the Red Wedding will occur this season, and with the ninth episode titled “The Rains of Castamere,” we can safely place S3.E9 as the logical landing point for that thing that will happen which we’ll all be talking about at water coolers the next day.  So that’s our anchor – Red Wedding, S3.E9.

Some people have speculated that Joffrey’s wedding and death will somehow occur at the end of this season, to not leave the poor viewers with the saddest of tastes in their mouths.  But… come on.  That’s WAY too much to squeeze in; and Joffrey’s continued existence, and the continued possibility that he might, at last, one day, get hisself killed, is a major part of what keeps people coming back.  My bet is that it happens approximately S4.E5, but more on that later.

So with the Red Wedding presumably happening right at the end of S3.E9 (with Catelyn’s throat being very visibly and conclusively slit as the “Ned loses his head!”/”Tywin enters the throne room!” button moment), that leaves S3.E10 to mostly wrap up the fallout from that event and send us into the next season.  There will probably be some invented scenes of the Lannisters celebrating having won the war, and the various surviving Stark children all hearing one way or another and reacting.  There will probably be a scene letting us know that Joffrey’s wedding will be going forward next season, and it’ll be a doozy; we’ll probably get some setup that Sansa’s escape plan will be coming as well, for cliffhangery goodness.  Where the other plotlines switch over we’ll address below, but that’s the general sense of the cutoff that I have.

Arya S3

With the Red Wedding anchored, we can then speculate backwards on the trajectory of Robb’s, Catelyn’s and Arya’s stories.  Arya first.  Arya will probably start the season, in S3.E1, simply wandering with Gendry and Hot Pie, as the first episode usually just reestablishes the current status quo.  The episode might have a cliffhanger of her little trio being cornered by the Brotherhood men.

S3.E2-4 will probably involve their interactions with the Brotherhood, wandering around.  They may disappear for one, at most two of these episodes to give room to other plots.  They’ve evidently chosen Anguy the archer as the Brotherhood man to stand in for the host of characters associated with that group in the novel, which may mean that they eliminate Arya’s former bannerman who recognizes her, keeping her incognito for the entirety of her custody with the Brotherhood.  They may or may not give Hot Pie his sort-of-happy-ending in the middle there, and they may or may not include the visit to the brothel with Gendry’s almost-encounter with his half-sister; or that may be too much connection for them to expect the audience to make.  It would be nice, though, if they took the opportunity of the stretched-out season to show us more of how the common folk live and get by during this war.

S3.E5 is titled “Kissed by Fire,” and it does seem like a good guess that the Beric-Hound fight will occur then.  That leaves S3.E6-E8 for Arya to travel with and then leave the Brotherhood and Gendry behind, and get captured by the Hound; I expect they’ll want to give Beric and Thoros at least a good episode, after the fight with the Hound, to be developed and interact with Arya before she leaves them.  I will be mildly surprised, but quite delighted, if they include the woods witch encounter in this sequence.  Doubtless, in S3.E8, when we know that Catelyn, Robb and company are headed for (or arrived at) the Twins, it will be a nice reveal that the Hound is taking her there too.  “At last,” the audience will think, playing right into George R. R. Martin’s cruel, cruel hands, “a reunion!”

S3.E9 will include her near-reunion – or they might even contrive it so that Arya does briefly meet, or at least see, her mother and brother before their deaths and getting dragged away by the Hound.

S3.E10 will be her and the Hound headed off for who knows where, setting up S4 as being about the adventures of poor lost Arya and her mangy friend the Hound.  She may have herself a good cry over her mom and brother’s deaths, which will give us an awesome awkward moment of the Hound not knowing what to do… or else, the reverse, with him trying to be comforting, and Arya being all, “Nah, I’m badass, I’m gonna get some revenges.”  Either way.

Robb/Catelyn S3

The most up-in-the-air and unpredictable of all the storylines because, hey, they’ve already tweaked it quite a bit by changing Jeyne Westerling into Talisa.  They’ve also cast Catelyn’s family this season, which is a wise move – in retrospect, the mechanics of the siege of Riverrun were unnecessary in S1, and this gives Robb and Catelyn much more to do all S3 while waiting for the Red Wedding to come down on them.

S3.E1 will probably consist of Robb caging Catelyn for releasing Jamie, and/or telling her they’re headed to Riverrun.  We’ll also see Robb and Talisa being all happily married n’ stuff.

S3.E2-5 or so will include meeting Edmure, Brynden, and possibly Hoster unless they’ve decided to cut him and let Edmure already be in his inheritance.  (Seems unlikely, because Papa Tully’s ramblings are the best setup we get for Lysa’s marriage to Littlefinger and all that ensues at the Eyrie later; there’s been no mention of Lysa’s relationship with Petyr yet in the show, if I’m not mistaken.)  The season preview mentioned something about Robb wanting to attack the Lannister’s homeland, so we may get a revised version of the Battle of the Fords, where Edmure f***s things up for everyone by putting the Lannisters on the wrong side of the river.  That may be all just be time-wasting stuff so Robb has more to do this season.

Or… it may be a different setup to the Red Wedding.  Since they’re apparently not going the Westerling-betrayal route with Robb’s marriage (it’d be quite a shock if Talisa was revealed to be an agent of the Lannisters), what may happen is Robb may deal a severe blow to the Lannisters, making Tywin seethe and seek another way to defeat his enemy.  Something… will happen, so that word of Robb’s marriage gets out, and gets to the Lannisters; maybe Edmure will slip up, or maybe Robb will simply tell the Freys directly that the wedding is off.  Either way, that will lead to Tywin making the allegiance with the Freys.

Somewhere around S3.E7, Edmure will get offered as a replacement groom and all that will happen.  Maybe then or S3.E8, Robb and Talisa will get a tender moment together so that we can be extra sad when he (and she as well?!) dies.  I will be pleasantly surprised if they trust the audience enough – considering how far in advance it would be of the payoff – to show Catelyn attempting to contact Lysa at some point, concerning the Tansy incident.  Otherwise Catelyn’s story will mostly consist of trying to win back Robb’s favor and interacting with her family members, and Robb’s will consist of gaining increasing military power over the Lannisters while his moral ground gets shakier when his non-Frey marriage is revealed.  Oh, yeah, and he’ll have to behead Rickard Karstark at some point, and dispatch Roose Bolton to Harrenhal.

King’s Landing, S3

This is where things get less certain.  Presumably, S3.E1 involves Tyrion seeing his scar and learning he’s out of power officially.  Various typical interactions with Joffrey and Cersei, and Tywin asserting his power.

We can pin a scene hinting at Tywin plotting the Red Wedding somewhere in the middle there.  Sansa will interact with the Queen of Thorns and Littlefinger (it seems, instead of Dontos) will make creepy intimations of helping her to escape.

Given the show’s love of thematic unity, Tyrion’s wedding to Sansa – and possibly something to do with Jorah and Daenerys – may happen in S3.E7 along with, presumably, Brienne’s bear fight, given the episode title “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

By and large, between the start of the season and Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding, they’ll mostly just have to fill stuff in and clarify the politics and relationships, since not much happens amongst the King’s Landing crowd but scheming until the weddings start cropping up.  It was a good idea for them to save Sansa’s escape plans, because she’ll now have plenty to do along those lines.  Tyrion will probably get more of Shae, and we’ll learn more about Shae’s past and nature; they’ll have to start setting up for her eventual betrayal, since so far she doesn’t seem like she’d betray Tyrion, the way she’s portrayed in the show.  They may take advantage of the extra breathing room to give us the bit of Varys’ backstory they held out on in S2, and they’ll almost surely reiterate Tyrion’s first wife story at some point to keep that fresh for us until S4.  We may even learn a bit more about Tywin’s involvement with the overthrow of Aerys and other such historical tidbits.  This is surely the season for them to take the time to give us those touches of backstory.

Either way, the main problem they have to contend with is that their most popular character, Tyrion, is fairly passive throughout this season, all the way up until he’s accused of Joffrey’s murder next season.  We may see him fight a little harder to get some power and respect than he did in the book – or they might take the bold move of having him be somewhat involved in either the plotting of the Red Wedding or Sansa’s escape (either one inadvertently, perhaps).

Lastly, they’ll probably shove in at least an extra scene of Joffrey being a dick, just because.  Also, naked prostitutes.

If they’re unbelievably daring, they’ll show a naked Tyrion in his hella awkward non-bedding scene with Sansa.

Jon, S3

The storyline of Jon and everything that happens oop North is the hardest to untangle, because the three threads – Jon’s, Sam’s, and Bran’s – overlap so specifically, and at such different points within those separate storylines, that it’s hard to guess how they will split things up.

It’s reasonable to work backwards and forwards from the cutting point.  We see the scaling of the wall in the previews, so we know that happens this season.  It’s highly likely that this season either ends with, or just before, the attack by the small band of wildlings on the rear of Castle Black and Ygritte’s death.  Either way could work – but my guess is that S3.E10 is the attack, and such is the major event of that final episode.  They may tone it down and make it more of a total rout on the part of the Night’s Watch, with them being forewarned by Jon and all, so that it’s less of a huge event forced to compete with the Red Wedding; or they may have it occur in S3.E9 along with the Red Wedding for extra packing-it-all-in gut punchness.  But my bet is that Jon returns to Castle Black in S3.E9 and the small wildling band is defeated in S3.E10, Ygritte’s dying being a sad final note to a sad, brutal season.  And then that will be followed by the cliffhanger of knowing that the main wildling force is coming up the front of the wall in S4.

That would make S3.E8 our lynchpin for the three storylines, when Bran and company almost encountering Jon at Queenscrown (or some other place standing in for the budget-demanding Queenscrown location).

Working backwards, that means S3.E6 may be the scaling of the wall, since we’ve got major events happening in S3.E5 and S3.E7 already.  (And the title of E6 isn’t revealed yet.)  *(EDIT: The title was revealed, actually, and it’s “The Climb.” So… yep.) Jon and the wildlings may disappear for S3.E7, or they may just have a short scene of them traveling towards Castle Black, and Jon brooding, and Ygritte being sweet and doomed.

S3.E5, “Kissed by Fire,” is definitely Jon and Ygritte getting all Romeo and Juliet in the caves or some other sad and lovely location, on the way to the Wall.  Thus, S3.E4-E5 is them setting out for the Wall in the first place, Jon getting assigned to the scaling team, him verbally sparring with Mance, perhaps, on the Fist of the First Men.  My bet is “And Now His Watch Has Ended,” S3.E4, refers both to a death in Sam’s storyline (more on that in a moment) and Jon officially convincing Mance that he has abandoned the Night’s Watch.

S3.E2-E3 is Jon getting to know the wildling culture, meeting Mance and Tormund, flirting with Ygritte and being all SHE’S PRETTY BUT I SWORE A VOW  HELP.  And S3.E1 is just establishing that he’s on his way to the wildling camp with Ygritte and Rattleshirt; that first episode may in fact end with him seeing the extent of the wildling force, and the existence of giants.

Bran, S3

They’ve held back a whole lot of Bran stuff that occurred in book two, and good thing because he would otherwise have two whole seasons of nothing but walking from Winterfell to the Wall, wondering a little bit what he should do.  This way, we start the season in S3.E1 with him, Osha, Rickon, Hodor and the wolves wandering in the wilderness, pondering the question of which way to go.  Possibly Osha decides to head north.

S3.E2-E4 would involve them meeting the Reeds.  They may decide to split Osha and Rickon off here, or they may keep her awesomeness on through the end of the season, for a tearful parting at the Wall.  (My money’s on her leaving when the Reeds join up, fewer characters to manage.)

WAY OUTSIDE PREDICTION: the company may meet up with none other than Ramsay Snow, at last introducing the eventual heir to Joffrey’s evacuated throne of Evil Horribleness to the story.  They may solve for us the mystery of what exactly happened at Winterfell at the end of S2 – presumably that Ramsay showed up, killed all the Iron Islanders, and burned that s*** down.  We may even see Theon in Ramsay’s hands at this point (there’s some speculation that Theon in chains appears in the trailers).  It both does and doesn’t make sense for Theon to appear so early –  okay – tangent:

Theon, S3-S4

There are three ways for them to handle Theon.  Either A) he disappears, like in the books, presumably dead, until he surprise! returns as Reek in S5 or so.  Storytelling ease factor: high.  Awesomeness factor, given Alfie Allen’s performance and continuity being stretched out: low.

or B) Theon shows up briefly here, perhaps seen or not seen by Bran and company, captured and beginning to be tortured by Ramsay.  He appears only once or twice between S3 and S5 to remind us that he’s undergoing this treatment by Ramsay, but is not a foregrounded presence.  Storytelling ease: medium.  Awesomeness: medium.

or C) Theon gets a continuing plot throughout S3 and S4.  All the stories he relates in A Dance of Dragons, of the way he was tortured, of his attempted escape with that poor lass, and so forth, may be dramatized.  S3 would mostly consist of him being broken, perhaps only with an appearance roughly every other episode or so.  The advantage of this is we’d get to see the other side of the Red Wedding plotting, if Theon is privy to Ramsay being legitimized and the Boltons being promised the North in exchange for their betrayal.  The disadvantage is that that’s two whole seasons of Theon being tortured and broken for them to subject us to; S4, in particular, would be nothing but bleakness for him.  If they go this route, fair money on him not appearing more than a couple times in S4 especially; just enough for us to know that he’s completely become Reek.

Oh, and whether or not we see Asha/Yara at all in the intervening time – either on her own, or seen by Theon somewhere, or encountered by Bran and company somewhere, is totally unpredictable.  They may let her disappear.

Back to the main event:

Bran, S3, cont’d

So, S3.E2-7 is all about Bran learning about greenseeing and warging (yay mythology development!), and having to make the decision about which way to go.  Some separation anxiety with Osha and Rickon whenever they head off.  Some delightful Hodor antics.  A nice scene of Bran getting to hunt as Summer.  Some Young Luv Stirrings as Bran looks wistfully at Meera.  If we’re really, REALLY lucky, the first mentions of the backstory of Howland Reed, the tournament at Harrenhal, Lyanna and the Tower of Joy and ALL of that.  And I mean REALLY lucky.

S3.E8 Bran almost encounters Jon.  S3.E9 probably meets Sam at the Wall, and S3.E10 heads off with Coldhands into Beyond-the-Wall to set up S4.  EXCEPT.  That means Bran’s S4 is actually stuff from A Dance of Dragons, which is getting WAY ahead.  The problem here is that Bran’s last chapter (and action) in Storm of Swords is twenty-five chapters before the end of the book, so in a way his story ends in the middle of what everybody else is up to.  Either they invent a lot of stuff, or let Bran only appear sporadically in S4 to slow his plotline down.  Well, those options or they delay Bran meeting Sam at the Wall (and Sam returning to Castle Black) until early S4.  POSSIBILITIES.

Sam, S3

Sam thus slots in to what we already have.  S3.E1 may open with him getting chased by the White Walkers back to the Fist of the First Men, following the last scene of S2.  S3.E3, “Walk of Punishment,” may indeed refer to the grueling walk/run/escape the surviving Night’s Watchmen make away from the loss at the Fist.  Somewhere in there, Sam will earn his nickname “Slayer” and it will be cool.   Dolorous Edd will say something dolorous.

S3.E4, “And Now His Watch Has Ended,” is probably the mutiny at Craster’s Keep and the death of Jeor.  (Unless they delay it until “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” because Jeor is the Bear and Gilly is the Maiden Fair.  But that’s quite a long while to stretch out the battle at the Fist, the run to Craster’s Keep, and then waiting for the mutiny there – not impossible, but less likely.)

S3.E5-8 or so is Sam out with Gilly and their troubles, and their eventual encounter with Coldhands.  They may disappear a couple episodes here.  And then, as mentioned above, either they meet Bran in S3.E10ish, or they merely see the Wall in the distance and meet him in S4.  OUTSIDE POSSIBILITY: they invent a new way for Bran to get through the Wall and meet Coldhands, and simply send Sam back to Castle Black independently.  Not as likely, but may be.

Lastly, Gilly may be pregnant this whole while, and give birth to the child in S3.E10, given the title of that episode, “Mhysa” (meaning “Mother”).

Jaime/Brienne, S3

Undoubtedly the Jaime and Brienne Story will pick up a lot of the Awesomeness Slack from Tyrion’s and Stannis’ plots being more passive this season (I mean, not like there isn’t going to be enough happening – plotlines, they be jumpin’).  Except for the bear fight occurring in S3.E7, it’s hard to say exactly what happens where.  It seems they’ve changed or reduced the prominence of the Bloody Mummers, and of course Roose Bolton isn’t in Harrenhal yet as he already was in the books.

S3.E1 will be the pair wandering, and S3.E2 will probably be the awesome boulder-vs-boat scene, unless they’re stupid and leave that out.  S3-E3-4, somewhere in there, will be their duel, and getting captured, and Jaime losing his hand.  S3-E4-6 is Jaime dealing with the loss of his hand and the baths scene (no WAY are they going to avoid a book-supplied reason to show us naked actors); I’ll guess that will occur in “Kissed by Fire” since Jamie’s flashback involves fire prominently, and his speech there would tie together all the other fire events in the episode.  We’ll also meet Qyburn, and see Jaime interacting with Roose Bolton and intimations of the Red Wedding (let’s see how much the unspoiled TV audience starts to guess at the coming events at this point).  Probably in S3.E6 Jaime leaves Brienne behind.

S3.E7 is the bear fight and Jaime’s return for her.  Meaning S3.E8-10 is them simply traveling, having some Moments, possibly a random encounter with the Vargo Hoat replacement character or otherwise teaming up to take on a foe, and then returning to King’s Landing in S3.E10, whence Brienne learns of Catelyn’s death and Drama Ensues or Promises To Ensue Next Season.

Stannis/Davos, S3

Goodness, there are a lot of storylines, aren’t there?  What are we at – 1) Arya, 2) Robb/Catelyn, 3) King’s Landing, 4) Jon, 5) Bran/Theon?, 6) Sam, 7) Jaime/Brienne, 8) Stannis/Davos, and 9) Daenerys.  Yowza.  Almost as many lines as there are episodes, and, hey, if you want to separate King’s Landing into Sansa’s Escape Plans and Lannister Family Politics, you’ve got a full ten.  That, or if you split off or include Theon separately.  Double yowza.

So, Stannis and Davos have it hardest – they are almost completely passive before the Red Wedding.  Here’s my best shot, because I expect a lot of invention on the showrunners’ part:

S3.E1 establishes Stannis safely, but unhappily, returned to Dragonstone with Melisandre, after the defeat at King’s Landing.

S3.E2-3 or so introduces his wife and daughter, and is probably mostly angst over what to do next.  We learn more about how his wife is a devotee of R’hllor and his daughter is sad and greyscaley.  Hopefully, we learn a bit more about Melisandre’s religion and beliefs in here somewhere.

I think they’ll save the YAY HAPPINESS reveal of Davos being still alive for possibly as late as S3.E4.  That, or we find out he’s alive at the beginning of, say, S3.E2, and it takes him one or two episodes to make it off the rock and back to Stannis.

Which means the main drama of the season for these folk will be the attempted sacrifice, and Davos’ thwarting of it.  No telling who the potential sacrifice will be, since no Edric has been announced as cast.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have an Edric; he may just be an extra – or recast as a babe-in-arms.  Or they may make Shireen the potential sacrifice – unlikely since she’s Stannis’ heir.  Maybe Patchface?  Maybe Davos himself?  Maybe a new Davos son?

We’ll also get Davos learning to read, becoming the official Hand of the King, and Stannis learning of the events at the Wall.  Not a lot for this season, and they’ll have to balance whether they want Stannis’ saving of the Night’s Watch to be a surprise with needing to give Stannis something to do.

Daenerys, S3

Ah, at last, the Dragon Queen.  After a weak S2 in Qarth, she’s set to have a bangin’ S3 in Slaver’s Bay, also helping to balance out Tyrion’s story being slightly more passive this year.

It also helps that they’ve held back the events at the end of book two.  S3.E1 will establish her in Qarth with no idea what to do next, and probably the arrival of Illyrio’s boat.  They may or may not introduce “Arstan” and Belwas here, or they may save that for S3.E2.  (No Belwas has been cast, but I’m gonna be pissed if they don’t have him anywhere.  COME ON!  STRONG BELWAS!  LIVER AND ONIONS!)

S3.E2 or so will be her deciding to sail to Astapor for an army.  She may disappear for an episode, or we may get the awesome dragons-over-the-water scene from the trailer in S3.E3.

Let’s see… either S3.E3 or S3.E4 don’t have as much happening in them yet, by our predictions, so somewhere in there will be her arrival in Astapor and Lots Of Introductions.  (Missandei, Grey Worm, etc.)

S3.E5, “Kissed by Fire,” could well refer to not just Jon and Ygritte, but Daenerys taking the Unsullied army by burning the hell out of the slavers.  In fact, yeah, count on that.

S3.E6 ish, she’ll start to meet the mercenary companies and head towards either Yunkai or, if they decide to combine the two cities’ events into one, Meereen.  (Probably not, because she has until the end of S4 to get ensconced in Meereen.)  Lots of stuff will be Different here, because who knows how they’ll handle Daario, and the politics of the free companies, and all that.  We may get some history of Valyria here if blessed, or some early Daario-swooning if not so blessed.

S3.E6 or E7, if they are NOT DUMB AND DO INCLUDE BELWAS, will probably be his duel in front of the city walls.  And S3.E7 may be the reveal of Jorah (the Bear)’s betrayal to Daenerys (the Maiden Fair), and his banishment, for much sadness.  Also, the reveal of Barristan, but, you know, the audience will already know it’s him, since, you know, you can see people’s faces in a TV show, but in a book you can hide a familiar character behind a different name.  This is all a big “may be,” since it seems more likely this will wait until S4.

S3.E8-10 will be her conquering of Yunkai (or Meereen).  There’s good money that E10, “Mhysa,” may end with her riding out with her huge, adoring army towards Meereen.  Or…

Catelyn again, S3

Or… S3 may end with Catelyn’s resurrection.  Probably not – they’ll probably save it for the reveal at the end of S4 – but it could fit quite well here, wrapping up Beric’s storyline within one season, and fitting in with the episode title (“Mhysa” meaning mother in Catelyn’s case and not just Daenerys’ and maybe Gilly’s).

EDIT: Summed up by character

Arya goes from Harrenhal to Beric and company to going adrift with the Hound after the Red Wedding

Robb and Catelyn meet the Tullys and their deaths

Tyrion weds Sansa, Sansa plans to escape with Littlefinger, and not much else happens in King’s Landing besides many witty ripostes amongst Cersei, Varys, Pycelle, Shae, Tywin, Margaery, Loras, Olenna and the rest

Jon Snow knows nothing, but he does meet Mance and the wildlings, scales the Wall, and probably sees Ygritte killed and readies to meet the wildlings at the Wall

Sam watches Jeor get killed and runs off with Gilly and ends up… somewhere

Bran with Rickon, Osha and Hodor meets Ramsay and Meera and Jojen and learns about greenseeing and warging and girls and almost meets Jon

Theon… maybe shows up not at all, or maybe gets tortured a lot

Jaime and Brienne have Merry Adventures, lose his hand, take a bath, chat with Roose, fight a bear and go to King’s Landing

Davos is alive hooray! Stannis is sad and passive boo! a sacrifice is averted hooray!

Daenerys is all Let My People Go, and lets Jorah go.  And dragons.

EDIT: Episode-by-episode major events

S3.E1 “Valar Dohaeris” – Daenerys receives her ship from Illyrio, meets Arstan and better damn well meet Belwas;

S3.E2 “Dark Wings, Dark Words” – Arya and co. caught by Brotherhood; many introductions: Tullys, Mance and wildlings, Queen of Thorns, Meera and Jojen Reed;

S3.E3 “Walk of Punishment” – Jaime loses hand; Davos is alive!; Sam and others escape from White Walkers at the Fist of the First Men; outside possibility: Theon and Ramsay

S3.E4 “And Now His Watch Is Ended” – Sam witnesses mutiny at Craster’s Keep; 

S3.E5 “Kissed by Fire” – Arya watches Hound-Beric duel; Jon & Ygritte love; Jaime-Brienne bath; Daenerys burns the slavers

S3.E6 “The Climb” – Jon and wildings scale the Wall; Littlefinger’s speech from the trailers (duh); 

S3.E7 “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – Arya caught by the Hound; Tyrion-Sansa wedding; Jaime saves Brienne from the bear fight; 

S3.E8 title unknown – Queenscrown encounter; 

S3.E9 “The Rains of Castamere” – The Red Wedding; 

S3.E10 “Mhysa” – Jon witnesses Ygritte’s death at the Wall; Daenerys conquers Yunkai; outside possibilities: Catelyn’s resurrection, Gilly gives birth

And that’s S3

That’s a ton of stuff happening, eh?  Of the nine-ish plotlines, only two are particularly passive, while Jon’s, Arya’s, Jaime/Brienne’s, and Daenerys’ are jam-packed.

The best thing is that splitting the book in half means we’ll hopefully get lots of nice mythology and character moments.  We’ll probably, finally, learn just what set off Robert’s Rebellion; we’ll finally learn about the Children of the Forest and warging will become official; we’ll learn a bit more about the White Walkers and the history of the Night’s Watch and the wildlings; and, if we’re super lucky, someone, somewhere, at some point, will utter the phrase “Tower of Joy.”

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to write one more of these (even if it’s mostly for my own amusement and [much] later ability to go “I told you so!”), addressing S4 and some general, faint stabs at S5 and beyond, before the premiere this coming Sunday.  Possibly I’ll put it up Friday.

If you’re a book reader and actually made it through all (or part) of my predictions, I welcome some good ol’ fashioned debatin’ and counter-predicting in the comments.   Thanks for reading!



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