Hi, I’m Brett Steven Abelman.  I’m a perpetually aspiring playwright-author-creator of stories, habitual musician, sometime actor & theatremaker, wannabe futurist, and pretentious wallflower.  I’m a lifelong resident of the DC Metro area.

People have recognized me in person after only having seen this picture of me:


facial hair and location of part may vary

This here’s my blog.  I’m gonna be posting it to it more or less when I feel like posting something, about whatever I feel like posting.  At the moment, I’m thinking I’ll do one, maybe two posts a week.

Many posts will be about the nature of writing and the storytelling arts, the motivations of a writer, theatre and the DC theatre scene, and working in the arts in general.

I’m also interested in looking with a clear eye and/or a tongue in cheek (or a tongue in eye?) at society, ethics, politics, futurism/emerging technology, and life.  Also, possibly, tomato salsa.  If you’re lucky.

Click here for my writer’s resume, including plays I’ve written.

I welcome any feedback whatsoever.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I wonder about you.

    1. I wonder about you too.

    2. Anonymous · · Reply

      You know what? You’re the second Brett who I met. The first one was in seventh grade.

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