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Game of Thrones S4: Adaptation Predictions

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL OF THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS i repeat SPOILERS for ALL the books. — Continuing from my previous post, in which I made guesses as to what would happen in S3, specifically as far as how the showrunners are going to adapt the books.  Since the […]

Game of Thrones S3: Adaptation Predictions

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL OF THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS i repeat SPOILERS for ALL the books. — I’ll be discussing my predictions for what the show will adapt, and how, in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and the seasons beyond.  So I’ll be specifically referencing […]

“Do We Really Need Another TV Show About Rich White People?”

I read that criticism as part of a longer comment dismissing HBO’s Girls the other day, and it’s one that I’m sure we’ve all seen a number of places, both specifically concerning shows about ‘privileged white people’ and more generally about any group that the commenter feels is excessively produced. Other examples: “Do we really need another […]

Dirt by Bryony Lavery at Studio Theatre

I saw the world premiere production of Dirt by Bryony Lavery at Studio Theatre last night, and this is my hastily-written overnight reaction to it. Dirt is a play so loaded with metaphors, tangents and ideas that it goes past ‘pretentious and overstuffed’ and comes full circle back around to ‘interesting and entertaining.’  It is a play with a […]

Black Watch and the Power of Music

I recently saw international theatre hit Black Watch, at Shakespeare Theatre in D.C.  For those unfamiliar, it’s a play about the famed Scottish infantry battalion with centuries of history.  It’s presented non-realistically, jumping around from scenes of a sextet of Black Watch soldiers in a pool hall in Scotland being interviewed by an avatar of […]

August: Osage County and Specificity in Acting

As I write this, I’m within 24 hours of having seen Keegan Theatre’s production of modern classic (it’s not too soon for that label, is it?) August: Osage County.  It’s the second production I’ve seen after catching the original tour that came through the Kennedy Center a couple years ago, and the comparison made me […]

“Cherry Pie Wrapped in Barb Wire” – Understanding Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

What kind of fantastic trees have you got growing around here? Are they epileptic trees? Hello!  MAJOR MAJOR spoilers ahead for all of Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, plus a little bit of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. But you probably didn’t follow the link along if you weren’t a Twin Peaks […]