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Game of Thrones S4: Adaptation Predictions

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL OF THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS i repeat SPOILERS for ALL the books. — Continuing from my previous post, in which I made guesses as to what would happen in S3, specifically as far as how the showrunners are going to adapt the books.  Since the […]

Game of Thrones S3: Adaptation Predictions

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL OF THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS i repeat SPOILERS for ALL the books. — I’ll be discussing my predictions for what the show will adapt, and how, in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and the seasons beyond.  So I’ll be specifically referencing […]

“Do We Really Need Another TV Show About Rich White People?”

I read that criticism as part of a longer comment dismissing HBO’s Girls the other day, and it’s one that I’m sure we’ve all seen a number of places, both specifically concerning shows about ‘privileged white people’ and more generally about any group that the commenter feels is excessively produced. Other examples: “Do we really need another […]

What I’m Working On (December 2012)

I haven’t posted a lot recently.  I’ve rethought the notion of posting regularly; I don’t think it’s something I “have” to do.  I don’t primarily think of myself as a blogger; blogging is an outlet for an idea or essay when I have one, and a way of opening up my headspace to the world […]

Folksinger Beaches and Pop Star Piers

Imagine, if you will, the arts as a body of water. We all like swimming in the water.  An ocean is powerful, complex, soothing, fun, all at once or separately.  A lake is serene, nostalgic, mysterious, refreshing.  A river is thrilling, utilitarian, healing, dangerous.  The arts function in as many contradictory or complimentary ways as […]

A Horror Movie That Would Scare Me

I’ve never been much scared by scary movies.  (I think the last one was It, when it came out two decades ago.)  But I do get scared or at least creeped out by scary video games like this one.  I was trying to figure out why that is, and I came to the conclusion that, […]

Why Is There No Entry-Level Artist Job?

Why does our society not pay artists until they master their craft? If you’re a computer programmer, there is a career path for you.  You go to school, you learn how to program, you go to work in an entry-level position and as you gain experience and credentials as a programmer, you get paid more […]