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Should Political Art Be Entertaining?

This will be rambly: So tonight are the first of two performances of the Election Day Plays 2012 that I’ve been organizing, and I’ve been thinking a little about the nature of political art, particularly political theatre. I think when most people hear “political theatre” they think “OH GOD NO.”  They presume what they see will be […]

Theatre Isn’t Important

Theatremakers often defend theatre as important, in an effort to fight the tide of people calling the art form irrelevant as audiences age and dwindle.  Despite saying it over and over, however, the fact remains that it theatre is of almost zero value and interest to the majority of the country. I think calling it “important” is […]

Why Doesn’t Theatre Advertise?

Or, more specifically, why doesn’t local theatre advertise on local TV and radio channels? As a group? Why can’t the local theatre community pool their resources to buy relatively cheap ads on local TV and radio – the kind that your local car dealer can afford?  Ads for the entire theatre community.  Ads that could change […]