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I Have Judged You For Not Liking Those Characters

As I mentioned, I saw Bachelorette last week at Studio Theatre, and really responded to it. On the way out, I overheard someone in the audience complaining that they didn’t like the play because the characters were vulgar, disgusting beasts.  Their sentiment was similar to this commenter’s on the DC Theatre Scene review. My reaction to their reactions: […]

Writers: You Are the Theme

In college, I wrote several plays that were all supposed to be Very Important.  The idea was to use a story and characters as metaphors in order to advance my Theme and thus Improve the World.  Perhaps the theme was “Republicans and Democrats should stop yelling and communicate civilly” or “letting little homophobic comments slide leads to […]

No, You Don’t Actually Like Being “Challenged”

In theatre (and other arts), people often talk about wanting to “challenge” audiences. This doesn’t mean what we think it means.  “Challenging” can be dictionaried as “stimulating, interesting, thought-provoking” but that’s not how it’s used in the arts; when artists talk about “challenging” the audience, what they mean is “provoking them to accept points of view […]