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Season Programming and Personal Agency

I’ve clarified some thoughts I’ve been brewing, about where the responsibility for play selection and artist hiring ultimately lies, in the wake of the controversy over and response to The Summit (which I wrote up in as objective a fashion as possible at DC Theatre Scene – in fact, I was so involved in trying […]

What if Small Theatres Shared Administrators?

Every theatre company, no matter how small, has some need for people to handle a number of crucial, non-artistic administrative tasks: the money, the space rental, the legal matters, the website, the ticketing, the house, the marketing (which is a good half dozen jobs in one).  To put on a play at any level of […]

What if Playwrights Directed Their Own Development?

What if playwrights were in charge of the development of their own plays? What if, instead of independent development companies which invite competitive submissions from playwrights, to pick and choose who “gets” to receive the opportunity of having their play developed by that company – what if instead of that, playwrights put their play out […]

Sister Cities, Sister Theatre Scenes

Why don’t the theatre scenes in individual cities set up sister-city type relationships? There could be a theatre venue in each city of a sister-city pair that is specifically devoted to importing works from the other city.  There could be a generalized initiative to get local theatres in both cities to pay special attention to each other […]

Why Doesn’t Theatre Advertise?

Or, more specifically, why doesn’t local theatre advertise on local TV and radio channels? As a group? Why can’t the local theatre community pool their resources to buy relatively cheap ads on local TV and radio – the kind that your local car dealer can afford?  Ads for the entire theatre community.  Ads that could change […]