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babelwright Year One Retrospective

WordPress helpfully reminded me that my blog turned one year old on February 16, so for easy-clickin’ purposes here’s a little roundup of the stuff I wrote and the people who came by.  Thanks for reading. NUMBERS I wrote almost a hundred posts within that year – 99, to be exact. The blog got 6,404 […]

The Blogger’s Chicken-or-the-Egg

This time, for bloggers! Which comes first: being a good blogger, or having lots of readers? (This post will probably only be of interest to people who blog, because I presume I’m not the only blogger to have these thoughts and questions.) I do not believe that the world operates like a strict meritocracy.  I […]

Capital Fringe 2012 Postmortem

Thanks everyone who came, read, discussed, and passed around my Subjective Fringe Guide and Fringe Review Roundup. The Review Roundup should be effectively complete, so feel free to use it as a reference FOR ALL TIME.  I also updated it with the winners of the Theatermania Audience and Director’s Awards.  If you pick up on any […]