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Check Your Facebook Bubble Bias

I’m sure you, too, have read plenty of blog posts and newspaper articles concerning the trends and traits of Our Generation (Millenials, aged teen to thirtysomething, and possibly older and younger folks too).  A.k.a. The Facebook Generation, The Smartphones-At-Dinner Generation, The Irony Generation, The No-Dating-Just-Hookups Generation. I just want to say one thing: these stereotypes […]

An Experiment (A Short Facebook-Cut-and-Paste Play)

31 Plays in 31 Days #13 (This play is composed entirely of snippets of text from friends’ Facebook walls. To construct it, I went to my random-order friends page, and clicked on each friend in turn, found an applicable text [or snippet of text] for the next line of dialogue or stage direction on their […]

The Black Cat and the Facebook Event Formula

My band (that I play drums in) played at the Black Cat this past Saturday.  It was pretty cool.  It’s always a little unreal being the guest of a well-run and high-profile venue — whether as a theatre artist or a musician.  I wonder if it ever ceases to be unreal, if one is lucky enough […]

Facebook and Death

Reprinted (reblogged?) with permission from These Gentlemen, the group blog I used to write for, which is now largely at rest.  This was one of my personal favorites of my own work from my time writing there, so I’m republishing it here to connect my past blogging with my present.  Please visit the These Gentlemen archives […]