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Quantum Story Computer Human Brain

Friday is sometimes unstructured “like what if, man? what if ?” quasi-stoned post day here at the babelwright blog! Just a random reaction to this article about the future of quantum computing.  The article asserts that someday soon, quantum computing may allow for a computer more powerful than the universe.  (Read the article for an explanation of that.)  Such […]

Allegory of the Condition of the World as a Cloud-Ringed Mountain

The people of the world reside on a mountain which rises to a great height and which is ringed by dirty thunderclouds.  The clouds pour all manner of filth, degradation and hopelessness on the masses below; they are rained on with oppressions and prejudices that soak them from head to feet, resulting in stunted emotions, stunted health and stunted […]

Disease Elimination Equilibrium Point

(from the file of random ideas jotted down on my computer over the years- because the huge storm in the DC area over the weekend prevented me from writing much of anything new) What is the Disease Elimination Equilibrium (D.E.E.) point? A theoretical point at which trying to eliminate further disease only leads to greater […]

On Beauty

We don’t really have a word for what “beauty” is supposed to mean. Beauty is not an attribute of things or people or scenery.  Not like height or color or translucency, and not like intelligence, or humor, or stylishness.  Beauty is a feeling.  A feeling (yes) in the beholder, like anger, or appreciation, or attraction.  […]