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Disease Elimination Equilibrium Point

(from the file of random ideas jotted down on my computer over the years- because the huge storm in the DC area over the weekend prevented me from writing much of anything new) What is the Disease Elimination Equilibrium (D.E.E.) point? A theoretical point at which trying to eliminate further disease only leads to greater […]

This Is How Much Shakespeare Is Produced in DC

There’s often talk, in local theatre circles, of there being Too Much Shakespeare in DC.¬† “Not another Hamlet!” I was curious, and possibly bored¬†and also possibly slightly insane, so I tallied up how much Shakespeare has actually been produced in DC. Methodology I looked at the last ten years of DC theatre, by season, from […]

Why I’m Glad Romney Is Going To Be the GOP Candidate

Bear with me. First let me be clear that I’m not a Romney fan — that’s not what my angle is here. My angle is on the two-party system we have now, and the deleterious effects it’s been having on this country. It’s very simple (I’ll go into more detail in a moment): with only […]