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Check Your Facebook Bubble Bias

I’m sure you, too, have read plenty of blog posts and newspaper articles concerning the trends and traits of Our Generation (Millenials, aged teen to thirtysomething, and possibly older and younger folks too).  A.k.a. The Facebook Generation, The Smartphones-At-Dinner Generation, The Irony Generation, The No-Dating-Just-Hookups Generation. I just want to say one thing: these stereotypes […]

The Blogger’s Chicken-or-the-Egg

This time, for bloggers! Which comes first: being a good blogger, or having lots of readers? (This post will probably only be of interest to people who blog, because I presume I’m not the only blogger to have these thoughts and questions.) I do not believe that the world operates like a strict meritocracy.  I […]

Indexing Saves the Future!

How glorious it will be! When the computing power and programming skill allows the Internet, retroactively and in its totality, to be tagged! Every website, file, app, game, video and subpage made taggable by aggressive coding.  Any Internet user, big or small, able to attach any word or hashtag or category to anything online – anything, anytime.  Does the […]

Why Is There No Entry-Level Artist Job?

Why does our society not pay artists until they master their craft? If you’re a computer programmer, there is a career path for you.  You go to school, you learn how to program, you go to work in an entry-level position and as you gain experience and credentials as a programmer, you get paid more […]

A Transitional Decade

I was thinking about what my friend Sam over at Morpheme Addict said in this post.  It lead me to some not-totally-coherent thoughts, which maybe someone will be gracious enough to query in the comments? Anyways, Sam expresses a feeling of frustration and disconnect with the Facebook-and-blogging world which I think we’ve all known.  I […]