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Rejectionism vs. Acceptionism in Play Submission Reading

If you are a reader for, or a manager of readers for, a theatre company that judges open submissions, are you rejectionist or acceptionist? I think rejectionism is the standard.  By that, I mean “don’t pass a play on to the next level/give it high marks unless it deserves to go on.”  In other words, […]

Get Your Niche Out of My Yard

The social landscape we live in nowadays is a Sierpinski carpet of niches. Down at the Capital Fringe Festival, I have heard, this year and in years past, plenty of people scoff at the theatrical proclivities of others.  The local theatre world is a veritable cold warzone of resentments and superiorities.  The laid-back get-drunk-and-see-a-show folks laugh at the folks […]

Enjoying Prometheus: It All Depends On Forgiveness

I’m’a attempt to make this shorter than my usual.  Just want to get a theory out there. I sawPrometheusrecently.  I thought it was okay.  Grade of C, by way of a mix of A- and D-.  I thought it was admirable for reaching for lofty ideas, was gorgeous to watch, but overreached some in its themes, […]

I Have Judged You For Not Liking Those Characters

As I mentioned, I saw Bachelorette last week at Studio Theatre, and really responded to it. On the way out, I overheard someone in the audience complaining that they didn’t like the play because the characters were vulgar, disgusting beasts.  Their sentiment was similar to this commenter’s on the DC Theatre Scene review. My reaction to their reactions: […]