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A Biased Guide to Capital Fringe 2013

jump down to alphabetical list – jump down to list by category Hi! I’m Brett, and I’m once again (again) writing an amateur, unofficial, one-man’s-opinion guide to the shows at this year’s Capital Fringe Festival. So that’s “a” guide as in “one dude’s guide, not THE Guide.” This page is divided into two main sections. […]

What I’m Working On (December 2012)

I haven’t posted a lot recently.  I’ve rethought the notion of posting regularly; I don’t think it’s something I “have” to do.  I don’t primarily think of myself as a blogger; blogging is an outlet for an idea or essay when I have one, and a way of opening up my headspace to the world […]

The Scale of Realism in Dialogue

I have a theory: that you can chart the level of realism in scripted dialogue on a simple scale. None of this is implied to be judgmental: any level of dialogue realism has its uses, and dialogue at every level has been employed in great writing.  The level of realism a writer chooses for their dialogue is just […]

31 Plays in 31 Days: What I Learned, and a Table of Contents

Last week, I completed the 31 Plays in 31 Days project along with several dozens of other playwrights from around the world. The rules of the project were simply that you had to write 31 new plays, at least one page long, with a beginning, middle and end; none should have been started before August 1, […]

Capital Fringe 2012 Review Roundup

Last update: Monday lunchtime 7/30 Hello, and welcome to the Capital Fringe 2012 review roundup. This is a very simple, though exhaustive, project based on the principle of “I’ve wished something like this existed, so I guess I’ll do it myself.” This page is a link farm, doing nothing more or less than collecting direct links […]