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What About Food Truck Theatre?

Pete Miller‘s got me thinking about new and different ways to “diversify theatre production,” “reinvent theatre marketing” and “create playgoing as a hobby.” What about food truck theatre? What about theatre out of the side of a truck, or in the bed of a truck, with a simple but attractive set? It could be short […]

Folksinger Beaches and Pop Star Piers

Imagine, if you will, the arts as a body of water. We all like swimming in the water.  An ocean is powerful, complex, soothing, fun, all at once or separately.  A lake is serene, nostalgic, mysterious, refreshing.  A river is thrilling, utilitarian, healing, dangerous.  The arts function in as many contradictory or complimentary ways as […]

Once the Smartphones Have Freed the Music

You go out for the night with a couple good friends.  You have no specific plan, but you all like music, and the city is filled with music. You all go to the bar and venue district.  You grab a drink.  The smartbar reads your phone semi-remotely (in your pocket) and charges you directly for […]

This Is How Much Shakespeare Is Produced in DC

There’s often talk, in local theatre circles, of there being Too Much Shakespeare in DC.  “Not another Hamlet!” I was curious, and possibly bored and also possibly slightly insane, so I tallied up how much Shakespeare has actually been produced in DC. Methodology I looked at the last ten years of DC theatre, by season, from […]

What Makes Local Theatre Local?

There’s been growing interest in the theatre community, both at large and in DC, in local theatre and local playwrights.  As a native DC playwright myself, I stand to gain from the increasing attention.  But I do wonder just what “local” really means in these discussions, because the matter of “local”-ness in theatre is essentially […]