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What if Small Theatres Shared Administrators?

Every theatre company, no matter how small, has some need for people to handle a number of crucial, non-artistic administrative tasks: the money, the space rental, the legal matters, the website, the ticketing, the house, the marketing (which is a good half dozen jobs in one).  To put on a play at any level of […]

Is There Nothing We Can Do

Read this story because it’s what I’m responding to. Is there nothing we can do? Nothing? The liberals are in power, and it’s no different than if the conservatives were in power.  This doesn’t even count as pretending to care about the good of the people, justice, or the rule of law.  This doesn’t even count as […]

Why Don’t Regional Theatres Do Open Runs?

No, seriously, I’m seriously asking the question.  Not rhetorically; I’m not trying to make a backdoor argument that theatre companies should do open runs via the Socratic method or anything.  I really want to know.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I feel unable to produce a clear answer myself.  So here’s my assorted […]

Once the Smartphones Have Freed the Music

You go out for the night with a couple good friends.  You have no specific plan, but you all like music, and the city is filled with music. You all go to the bar and venue district.  You grab a drink.  The smartbar reads your phone semi-remotely (in your pocket) and charges you directly for […]

The Aspiring Artist’s Chicken-or-the-Egg

Which comes first: being a successful artist, or being a full-time artist? Every artist wants to be successful, presumably, whatever that means to them.  Most artists, presumably, would like to be able to practice their art full-time and still make a living, or at least to be able to devote as much time to it as they can, if […]