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I Have Judged You For Not Liking Those Characters

As I mentioned, I saw Bachelorette last week at Studio Theatre, and really responded to it. On the way out, I overheard someone in the audience complaining that they didn’t like the play because the characters were vulgar, disgusting beasts.  Their sentiment was similar to this commenter’s on the DC Theatre Scene review. My reaction to their reactions: […]

What I Want

I want to be a part of the culture of ideas, the international idea stock exchange, the global human collaboration on sorting out life the universe and everything, the fraternity/sorority/whateverity of thinkers and philosophers and artists and social engineers and futurists, who are forever constructing a quilt of interlocking dialogues and discoveries and disagreements, who write plays […]

When You Text During Sex

You know that thing where you’re driving, and you zone out, and suddenly you’re at your destination?  Because your body took over the routine of your familiar route, while your mind wandered? I think eventually that’ll be like daily life.  Once the phone-device-embedded-viso-chips-Google-view-glasses of the future becomes the norm, people will get used to living their […]

On Artistic Jealousy

I am sometimes jealous of my colleagues in the arts. Envious, too, of course, nearly always — but it’s the jealousy that makes me feel guilty.  The Internet will tell you fifty different definitions of envy vs. jealousy, but my understanding has always been this: ENVY is wanting something someone else has.  It doesn’t require wanting to take that […]