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Rejectionism vs. Acceptionism in Play Submission Reading

If you are a reader for, or a manager of readers for, a theatre company that judges open submissions, are you rejectionist or acceptionist? I think rejectionism is the standard.  By that, I mean “don’t pass a play on to the next level/give it high marks unless it deserves to go on.”  In other words, […]

The Seven (not so) Deadly Sins According to the Internet Age

Yesterday, I posted my stab at the Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet Age.  I was pretty serious about it in my usual Important Stuff way.  Today, SATIRE! The Seven (not so) Deadly Sins According to the Internet Age (NOTE: these sin apply both on and off the internet): 1) Getting Trolled No, no, no, […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet Age

Some random comment someone made earlier this week got me thinking about what a contemporary update of the seven deadly sins would be.  Not that the classic set have gone out of style, of course – I mean, I personally check in with Sloth every morning, and Gluttony, thy name is Chipotle – but in a way […]

A Writer’s Motivations: So Many Ideas, So Little Time

What’s that, muse in my head?  You have an idea for a play? What is it!  I’m excited to hear.  You always have such interesting ideas for plays and 3:49 A.M. on a Tuesday.  Wait, what was it?  It’s a… three-act twelve-character period-costume comedy-drama… in verse? Muse, you crazy! No one is gonna produce some […]