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#TheSummit – Seven Initiatives

I love the theatre and I want it to be better. There are many things that is not doing so well at currently. One of those is Inclusion. Tamara Winters, at 2AMt, has a great post up about what the Next Steps need to be following #TheSummit.  (Edit: as does Swim Pony, here.) Originally, this […]

Why Don’t Regional Theatres Do Open Runs?

No, seriously, I’m seriously asking the question.  Not rhetorically; I’m not trying to make a backdoor argument that theatre companies should do open runs via the Socratic method or anything.  I really want to know.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I feel unable to produce a clear answer myself.  So here’s my assorted […]

Sister Cities, Sister Theatre Scenes

Why don’t the theatre scenes in individual cities set up sister-city type relationships? There could be a theatre venue in each city of a sister-city pair that is specifically devoted to importing works from the other city.  There could be a generalized initiative to get local theatres in both cities to pay special attention to each other […]