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The Terror Gap (for Beginning Artists)

It’s a gap that causes terror, not a gap made of terror, nor one related to terrorism. “The Terror Gap” is the term I recently thought of that, for me at least, captures a particular feeling I get as a writer.  Often, when I think about a piece I’m working on – or even one […]

Writers: You Are the Theme

In college, I wrote several plays that were all supposed to be Very Important.  The idea was to use a story and characters as metaphors in order to advance my Theme and thus Improve the World.  Perhaps the theme was “Republicans and Democrats should stop yelling and communicate civilly” or “letting little homophobic comments slide leads to […]

A Writer’s Motivations: Preconceptions of Revisability

First of all, welcome to my blog.  I often have longer thoughts about theatre, writing, storytelling and the world in general which I want to put out there, so, you know, blog. This is the first of a likely series of posts about what goes on with me pscyhologically during the story making process – […]