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What if Playwrights Directed Their Own Development?

What if playwrights were in charge of the development of their own plays? What if, instead of independent development companies which invite competitive submissions from playwrights, to pick and choose who “gets” to receive the opportunity of having their play developed by that company – what if instead of that, playwrights put their play out […]

Follow up to “There is Too Much Theatre in D.C.”

This past Wednesday, people talked about and reacted to my post There is Too Much Theatre in D.C.  It was exciting for me!  I sparked discussion!  Anyways, I just wanted to lightly (ha) expand on it in a couple quick points, outside of the stricter and more impermanent confines of Facebook and Twitter. 1) What would an […]

There is Too Much Theatre in D.C.

Did I get you to come here and read this, DC theatre people, with the title?  Well I was being slightly misleading. I think there may be too much theatre in D.C.  But by “in D.C.,” what I mean is just that – inside the District. And by “too much,” I mean “relative to how little […]