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What if Playwrights Directed Their Own Development?

What if playwrights were in charge of the development of their own plays? What if, instead of independent development companies which invite competitive submissions from playwrights, to pick and choose who “gets” to receive the opportunity of having their play developed by that company – what if instead of that, playwrights put their play out […]

Rejectionism vs. Acceptionism in Play Submission Reading

If you are a reader for, or a manager of readers for, a theatre company that judges open submissions, are you rejectionist or acceptionist? I think rejectionism is the standard.  By that, I mean “don’t pass a play on to the next level/give it high marks unless it deserves to go on.”  In other words, […]

Five Little Plays (A Short Play… about Plays)

31 Plays in 31 Days #17 (In the darkness before lights up:) VOICES (ad libbing) Hey watch it! What is happening? Ow, ow, stop! Sheesh! (Lights up on the desk of a literary manager at a large theatre institution. Four PLAYS lie stacked on top of each other, and a fifth has just been laid […]

A Writer’s Motivations: Preconceptions of Revisability

First of all, welcome to my blog.  I often have longer thoughts about theatre, writing, storytelling and the world in general which I want to put out there, so, you know, blog. This is the first of a likely series of posts about what goes on with me pscyhologically during the story making process – […]