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A Million Secret Secrets (A Short Story)

No one was sure if it came from the government, but it seemed doubtful.  The government could certainly come up with something so cruel, but never something so fanciful.  It did seem, however, that at least someone in the government had to be colluding in the game, or else there would had to have been some […]

Planet Karma (A Short Story)

(No, seriously, it’s a parable an allegory. [Corrected 6/25/12.]  Disclaimer one: I’m not actually religious.  Disclaimer two: it’s not about me.) God and the Devil decided to have a little competitive collaboration, to test out a couple particular notions they had of good and evil.  To that end, God created a planet in some far-flung corner […]

Some Words About Human Memory

It’s not moral judgment that makes human beings human.  It’s not opposable thumbs, or volition, or imagination, or society, or even language, although language comes a close second.  It’s memory. Without memory, language is nothing but “Watch out, saber-toothed tiger over there!” or “Give me that bone.”  Language is merely a secondary tool that allows […]