Writer’s Resume

Here is a highlights list of my writing credits and catalogue.


Features and reviews for DC Theatre Scene, 2014-present
Reviews for City Paper’s Fringe and Purge 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2013
Reviews for dcist, 2011
Plus all the essays on this very blog.  See here for a table of contents for the blog.  I also wrote here for a while, once upon a time.


Completed Full-Lengths________________

Fantasy, Adventure, Family-friendly, Dark comedy – 2 F, 1 M, at least 4 others
A man loses his dog in a strange cave filled with talking animals and radio flowers, and learns how to let go. The play is written to be performable with live actors, full puppets, shadow puppets, or any other combination or variation thereof.

To The Earth
Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller – 5 any gender
The five surviving crew of the spaceship Unity race away from a nameless threat. Soon, they are at each other’s throats over what to do next – should they turn and fight? Escape to Mars? Fly into the Sun? Or can they take the biggest risk, and go back home to Earth?

Attack of the Killer Bugs, the Musical
Dark comedy, Satire, Parody, Musical –  4 F, 5 M
Nine strangers get trapped in a convenience store by a swarm of killer bugs, then they start singing… and dying.
–excerpts performed by Pinky Swear Productions and at the Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival, 2011
–full play unproduced (music composition in progress)

The Water Plays
Drama, Dark comedy, Fantasy – 3 F, 2 M
A cycle of three plays, concerning people struggling for their life in, on, or under the water.
–performed at Capital Fringe 2010

Terminal Dream
Fantasy, Drama – 1 F, 1 M, 3 any gender, 1 monster
Written, in its entirety, in five and a half hours, as part of the 31 Plays in 31 Days Project (click for a full list of all 31 plays I wrote).  Based on an actual dream I had woken from; I may edit it one day to be less of an oddball mess and more of what it pretends to be about, namely, the odyssey of four friends to join a resistance movement in a strange, dystopian future. The whole thing’s here.

Prodigal Daughter (formerly Broken Seesaw)
Drama – 2 F, 2 M
My first full-length concerns two childhood friends reuniting after many years; she’s grown up to be an airheaded club dancer, and he into a self-importantly liberal med student. How do two people who have grown up so different resolve their unfulfilled childhood crush?
–stage-read at the University of Maryland, 2005

Full-lengths in Progress________________

Will O’ the Wisp
“a Melancholy Comedy,” Verse – 6 F, 6 M
The small, proud nation of Jion loses in war to the larger, richer nation of Calis, and the entire Jionet people are exiled to the swamps. The new Princess, eager for revenge, hatches a plan – get everyone to fall in love and start having babies, so that they’ll have a whole new army to fight with in 15 years or so. In three acts of (highly anachronistic) Elizabethan iambic pentameter.

Linked or possibly titled Shared
“a Horror Comedy” – 4 F, 4 M
Evanna’s life spirals horribly out of control when her subconscious starts posting to her Facebook.  Not only are all the posts public, but they can’t be deleted.  She learns that she’s not the person she thought she was.
–not yet on the page, actually

Selected Short Plays________________

Meet Smart
Light Comedy, Sci-fi – 2 F, 2 M
Boy doesn’t meet girl, but girl’s cellphone does meet boy’s cellphone, thanks to the HeartMarket Open Dating App.
–selected by 31 Plays in 31 Days for their Internet Staged Reading, available online here
–also stage-read at the first Artist’s Salon in DC

Drama, Political – 2 any gender
Lindsey is a closet Republican; Lindsey’s spouse Sam is a loud and proud Democrat. When the secret gets revealed… history begins to slip backwards, and their allegiances shift as past elections slip by.
–performed by Beltway Drama Series, 2012
–performed by eXtreme eXchange DC, 2008

Jazz Noir Ballad for a Soldier
Drama, Mystery – 1 F, 2 M, 1 any gender
Silas, the soldier, returns home, not quite whole.
–stage-read at Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage, 2012

The Magical Marriage Computer
Comedy, Sci-fi – 2 any gender
An engaged couple goes to visit the titular computer, because one of them has cold feet. But the computer doesn’t give them the 100% compatibility rating they were hoping for.
–performed at Capital Fringe 2011
–performed at Capital Fringe by Journeymen Theatre Ensemble, 2008

The Other Kind of Haunting
Comedy, Drama, Storytelling – 2 F, 2 M
A writer who doesn’t believe in ghosts checks in to the Ghost Suite at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, DC.  Meanwhile, the ghosts of the past occupants of the room are progressively haunted.
–written for Rorschach Theatre’s Klecksography DC Haunts, 2013

Old Man of the Sea of Stories
Comedy, Drama, Storytelling – 1 F, 3 M
A young man carries his father on his back across the desert.  The father wants to free his son of the burden, so he escapes into stories… but his addled brain turns them all to mush.
–written for Rorschach Theatre’s Myth-Approprations 2009; won the Audience Award

Tough Times for the Good-Time Gals
Comedy, Satire, Epic Theatre – 3 F
Written in 24 hours to the challenge of writing an epic theatre piece, these four scenes portray the economic collapse of a venerable old brothel and the attempts of gold-hearted hooker Anacostia to save the day.
–written for Warehouse 24-Hour Play Fest 2009; won 2nd Place Judges’ Award

Stepmommy, A Fairy Tale
Fantasy, Drama, Political – 4 any gender
One of several plays written for the sadly defunct eXtreme eXchange DC company, which called for quickly-written works in response to current political topics.  In the allegorical Stepmommy, four children venture off into the forest to seek a way to defeat their evil Stepmommy.  But when she’s gone, how will they fend for themselves?
–performed by eXtreme eXchange 2007

Comedy, Drama, Family-friendly – 2 F, 1 M, 3 any gender
The Baker family sits down to that ubiquitous, daily American comedy-drama: doing homework.
–performed at Laurel Mill Playhouse, 2007
–performed at Poolesville High School One-Act Festival, 2003

The Bell
Drama, Comedy – 2 F, 2 M
It’s just here so you know my history; this was the first play I ever wrote. (Well, the second, but the first one got lost, and good thing too, because it was a silly ripoff of Quentin Tarantino.  This one’s much better.) Two kids eat french fries and try to decide whether they should date or not, what with the impending threat of graduation and all.
–performed at the Poolesville High School One-Act Festival, 2002

These are just my main selection of short plays; I have written precisely 100 shorts to date, not counting Twitter plays.


I also write fiction. I have one major short story in progress, a personal sci-fi tale about good aliens who offer brave humans the chance to colonize another world, titled Threshold of the Stars. I also have a novel in progress, begun as part of NaNoWriMo, called Angels Come, nominally a YA fantasy about two angels who show up at a high school and start taking classes, and the subsequent social battle between all the cliques about who gets to be their friends.


Yeah, film too. I aim to produce my short script, Bite, about the spectacular rise and fall of one woman’s diet over the course of a day. More in the future.


These will happen eventually. It’s mostly plays for now.


I’ve acted with Landless Theatre Company, Zemfira Stage, Foundry Players, and in stage readings for Solas Nua and Scena Theatre.
I’ve worked backstage for Landless, Constellation Theatre, and Pinky Swear Productions.
I’ve directed my own work at Fringe and Laurel Mill Playhouse.

And to conclude this resume-like page, I went to the University of Maryland, College Park, and got BAs in English (Fiction Writing) and Theatre (Acting).  Now you know.  Thanks for your interest and such.

If you have any desire to work with me or anything, email me at [myfirstname].[mylastname] at gmail.  (Actual address censored to avoid spambots – if you use a bit of research ability, you’ll figure it out.  If you’re despearate, just leave a comment.)

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