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So You Want To Put on a Show at Capital Fringe

Advice from a Fringe Producer/Reviewer/Fan The Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. is an annual festival which will be returning in July 2014 for the ninth time.  Anyone can apply and, if accepted, put on a show in Capital Fringe, which is part of an international network of unaffiliated festivals celebrating and providing opportunities to adventurous, […]

A Biased Guide to Capital Fringe 2013

jump down to alphabetical list – jump down to list by category Hi! I’m Brett, and I’m once again (again) writing an amateur, unofficial, one-man’s-opinion guide to the shows at this year’s Capital Fringe Festival. So that’s “a” guide as in “one dude’s guide, not THE Guide.” This page is divided into two main sections. […]

What About Food Truck Theatre?

Pete Miller‘s got me thinking about new and different ways to “diversify theatre production,” “reinvent theatre marketing” and “create playgoing as a hobby.” What about food truck theatre? What about theatre out of the side of a truck, or in the bed of a truck, with a simple but attractive set? It could be short […]

Come See Election Day Plays!

Hey, whaddaya know, I can use my blog for self-promotion! Except it isn’t just self-promotion.  Six local writers (myself,  Amanda Andrei, Juliana Avery, Zachary Fernebok, Malcom Pelles and Jenny Splitter) are premiering new plays at two events in October: ELECTION DAY PLAYS 2012 Fresh Plays For People Left Out of the Two Party Race The young, the […]

Sister Cities, Sister Theatre Scenes

Why don’t the theatre scenes in individual cities set up sister-city type relationships? There could be a theatre venue in each city of a sister-city pair that is specifically devoted to importing works from the other city.  There could be a generalized initiative to get local theatres in both cities to pay special attention to each other […]