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“If You Allow Gay Marriage, Incest Will Be Next!”

Too often, I have seen people make this kind of argument against gay marriage: “Next thing you know they’ll be legalizing incest.” or “You want gay people to be married?  What’s next, people marrying their dogs?” I just this morning read another example.  (If you don’t want to read it, it argues that the overturning of anti-sodomy […]

Planet Karma (A Short Story)

(No, seriously, it’s a parable an allegory. [Corrected 6/25/12.]  Disclaimer one: I’m not actually religious.  Disclaimer two: it’s not about me.) God and the Devil decided to have a little competitive collaboration, to test out a couple particular notions they had of good and evil.  To that end, God created a planet in some far-flung corner […]

No, You Don’t Actually Like Being “Challenged”

In theatre (and other arts), people often talk about wanting to “challenge” audiences. This doesn’t mean what we think it means.  “Challenging” can be dictionaried as “stimulating, interesting, thought-provoking” but that’s not how it’s used in the arts; when artists talk about “challenging” the audience, what they mean is “provoking them to accept points of view […]

A Writer’s Motivations: Would I Be A Better Person Just Doing Charity?

I, like many writers, have a moral purpose behind my writing. This is not to say that I’m trying to write Moll Flanders or The Scarlet Letter or anything.  I don’t write to try to improve the Moral Condition of my audience and to teach them Lessons. But I do write with the aim of […]

Why Traffic Cameras Are Immoral

(Please note: this post is just a bit on the tongue-in-cheek side.  Thank you.) No one likes traffic cameras, of course, because they take everyone’s money.  City councils barely even pretend they are put out for safety reasons – they’re there to shore up leaky treasuries.  (UPDATE: Okay, sometimes they claim safety reasons – and then […]